Friday, 10 February 2012

What I am going to do this half term

... gasp.

That was a full on half-term. Sixty-nine Football Reading games in twenty-five days. From Cumbria to Sussex.

I'm home at last. Hurray! And I've done all the little bits of admin I needed to do. I've even renewed my library books.

Now four days off before a tour of seven Lincolnshire libraries later next week.

In these four days, I will:

* watch my daughter dance
* read The Hunger Games (loving it so far)
* go to see that chipmunk film
* watch Leeds United beat Brighton (in theory)
* take my wife (and daughter) out for a surprise Valentine's treat
I'm 'in training' for a 'race' on 17 March in Cumbria. The Carmel Sticky Toffee Pudding 10K. When I say 'in training' I mean I am running twice a week. When I say 'race' I mean running with lots of other people... or behind lots of other people.

But I love it. It makes me extremely happy.

And it starts now. In the Pennine snow.

Have a great half term everyone.
* do two fell runs (slowly)

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