Monday, 30 September 2013

Rugby Reading for Pleasure

This autumn sees the Rugby League World Cup take place in England, Wales, Ireland and France.

A massive sporting occasion like this creates a fantastic opportunity to promote reading for pleasure.

The public libraries of the north of England have got together to do just that. They're running 100s of events and promoting reading of all kinds through their website,

I am overjoyed to have been asked to be involved, like many other authors and artists.

During the summer I did over 30 sessions of my Rugby Reading Game in libraries from Workington to Doncaster. I talked to children about what they like to read for pleasure and about my children's book, Scrum

I have also written two special Try Reading books for schools, libraries and families to enjoy. What's a Bear to Wear (0+) and Haka Boy (6+).

And during October and November, it gets better.

I will be blogging about the Rugby League World Cup every day (at least once a day) during those two months. My blog will focus on what you can read about rugby league, the World Cup and on the several games I will be attending.

I'll be at a game in Limerick with a Gaelic Football fan, the semi-finals in London with a class of Essex football fans and in Avignon watching the New Zealand Haka with my daughter. Ten games in all, including the first game (England v Australia) and the last (which could be the same two teams).

You can read my blog by visiting here.

The Rugby League World Cup - runs from 26 October to 30 November 2013.

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