Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Arsenal Player

I had to face a penalty from an Arsenal player yesterday. Twice.

I was in Redbridge, which is a part of London. Ninety 10 year olds. Ten of them taking penalties. Then one lad tells me he plays for Arsenal.

He took two shots... And scored twice.

To be honest I didn't see either ball. I had some revenge on him, though. I was writing a scene in book 5 of my Football Academy series today. And Arsenal lost on penalties.

I've nearly finished the Football Academy series now. It starts in April with Boys United and Striking Out. Each book is about a different player at United, a Premier League under twelve team.

In Boys United Jake joins the team and finds it hard to fit in. Mostly because he's a City fan.

In Striking Out Yunis's dad wants him to give up playing for United. He thinks the football is interfering with Yunis' school work.

Books three and four are out in July. Followed by two more in the autumn.

But why am I facing penalties anyway?

When I go to schools I don't just talk about my books. I like to do a football quiz. Then a penalty shoot out. The winner gets a football trophy. It's more fun than me just talking about my books. The best bit is that I get tips about other books to read.

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