Monday, 5 January 2009

PSP 1-0 Football Academy

I started the rewrites of Football Academy book 5 today. It needs a bit of work. It's about a boy and his dad. The dad used to be an England player: the boy plays for United's under twelve's. I read it through today and had a look at where I needed to make changes. It's only the last quarter that needs serious work...

... but the problem is I got a PSP for Christmas. With FIFA 09 on it.

I have been playing it a lot since Christmas and today found it hard to get back to writing. So I decided to write for an hour, then play one game. That worked well for the first couple of hours, then things deteriorated. I was on a cup run.

This afternoon Leeds United beat Hull City 11-3 in the League Cup Final. If only...

What else did I get for Christmas?

* a radio-controlled polystyrene aeroplane
* a blow-football game
* a book on how to be a good dad
* twelve pairs of black socks
* a lunar calendar
* ten quid and a wine cooler off my sister
* some carpet slippers off my wife
* a fair trade football
* a score draw at home to Leicester

No books, though. Apart from the one above.

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