Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Spurs v Burnley

No offence to Spurs fans, but I'm backing Burnley tonight.

Burnley FC have been really good to me. Even though I live in Yorkshire - and support Leeds - Burnley are my nearest football club.

When I was researching my new series - Football Academy, which comes out on April 2nd - Burnley let me go and watch their under twelve side, talk to the players and the parents. And the coaches were great: they told me lots about how a professional football team's academy works.

Football Academy is about the under twelve side at a fictional Premier League club called United. Every book is about one of the boys, but all the players get a mention in each book. The first is called Boys United and is about Jake, who joins the team at the beginning of the season. He gets a bit of trouble from one of the other players. Mostly because he supports City, not United.

But back to the game...

Also, you have to support Burnley, as they are the underdog. They've seen off Arsenal and Chelsea already. All by a small town club with a lot of ambition.

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