Thursday, 19 February 2009

Good Books

I've read two great books this week.

Joe Rat by Mark Barratt
It's based in Victorian London and about a boy who makes a living finding valuables in the sewers. It's a grim start for any character. But it gets worse. Once he's out of the sewers a gang try to rob him of what he's found before he can sell it. But Joe is a great hero and the book is wonderful. If you like drama, danger and brilliant characters, this is for you. Really. I can't recommend it highly enough.

There's Only One Danny Ogle
by Helena Pielechaty
A story about a boy who moves from the town to the country and tries to get a football team going at his new school. It's about friends, enemies, family and football. I read it one sitting. I have read dozens of football stories. This is the best short one (i.e. under 15000 words) so far. Five stars.

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