Wednesday, 4 February 2009


It's been a good day for news.

My agent rang to say the BBC are going to do an audio tape of Foul Play - and they want to do a large print version too. I'm really pleased.

Also, two TV things.

Blue Peter are doing a short interview with me for their show in the first week of March. I'm going in next week to answer their questions. It airs on World Book Day - 5th March - I think.

Plus, there's a docmentary on BBC4 on 9th Feb (at 9pm) called Why Reading Matters. I think I'm on it. They came and interviewed me then to see an event I did at Sowerby Bridge Library in Yorkshire.

1 comment:

Gary Noden said...

An audio book version?

Tom! That's fantastic news!

I can't wait to tell Alex.