Monday, 27 July 2009

Dead Ball

The second Football Detective book is out next week. It's called Dead Ball.

Puffin sent me some advance copies. It looks great. Red and shiny.

The story takes Danny to Moscow to take on an evil Russian billionniare who is deeply involved in football.

I had a great time researching it, finding out about various rich Russian. The best bit was when I went to Moscow to (1) tour the Luzhiniki stadium, where Man U won their 2008 Champions League; and (2) sitting in a posh hotel bar, watching a famous Russian's private army (of 12 men!) keeping the hotel secure. Amazing.

I have given the book to couple of readers already. One lad from Leeds who had been in touch and who will be reading it on holiday in the lake district next week.

If you want to read it, you should be able to get it in most bookshops near you. Failing that, have it. Or

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