Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ghana in one week...

I am really excited now.

Kuapa Kokoo are a cooperative of farmers who farm the cocoa beans that make Divine chocolate. As well as that they actually own Divine and Dubble, rather than just supply the beans. They are showing me round some farms in the rain forest a week on Monday. I will meet farmers and talk to children in a school. I can't wait. It's all been set up by Divine chocolate.

My daughter's school has kindly asked parents to collect some books to take out there, so my suitcase is full of books, insect repellent and chocolate. Thank you to all the kids and parents for that!

Why chocolate? Because Divine gave me a large box of sugar coated choc eggs and Dubble bars. Most of the kids in the cocoa farms have never tasted the chocolate made with their beans, so I am taking some of that too.

I have read a lot about fairtrade chocolate in preparation. When you buy chocolate you have a choice between knowing the farmers are being paid properly for the chocolate and not knowing, with the risk that some of the chocolate you eat has been farmed by forced slavery.

Have a look at for more info. It's a great website with lots of films interviewing Ghanaian kids.

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