Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nice Day

I did a day in Scunthorpe schools today. My first events for 6 weeks. It was great.

I went to Crosby Primary in the morning and had a lovely time with 150 of the children, talking football and books.

Then, this afternoon, the Riddings Junior School, working with year six. A great class to work with.

I like doing events. I think towards the end of last year I got a bit run down, what with things going on at home, and I needed a little break. Well, I've had it now. Six weeks of it. And it was really good to be back. I have four or five days a week in schools for the first half of this year. I like doing it.

And things have changed a bit now. I used to get a lot of abuse from Man U fans about being a Leeds fan. But today the Man U fans were quiet. I wonder why...


sarah said...

Glad to hear your good news Tom - Kester

sarah said...

sorry Tom - this has come from Sarah"s account. Hope you are not confused.
Pleased that all is well at home.
Also, can Burnley have Grayson?

Tom Palmer said...

No you bloody can't have Grayson!

But thanks for thinking of us. It's very good.