Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Football Writers

We started a new cohort of Football Writers at Ghyllgove Junior School, Basildon, today.

Every year I work for several days at Ghyllgrove with teacher, Diane Baker. We work with the children on ideas that we hope will make reading and writing more fun.

This year's group are great. As you can see.

Today we watched book trailers. Charlie Higson's trailer for The Enemy was the best. We storyboarded a trailer and worked out what makes the effective ones work.

Tomorrow the children are going to start thinking about a trailer for my May 2011 book, Own Goal. the plan is to work with media students from a high school and a graphics expert to produce a trailer that I can use to promote the book.

We are also going to work on a reading scheme where the group will act as a police department and solve a crime. That's a bit vague, but the children will put the flesh on the bones tomorrow.

I love working at Ghyllgrove.

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