Sunday, 30 January 2011


I've never been to Anglesey before. But here I am. And so far it's been lovely. A lift from the station. A nice hotel. A meal.

As well as working in six schools (helping to encourage the children to enjoy reading and libraries) over the next two days, I have two other targets.

Finish the first draft of Over the Line, my WW1 novel. I managed 1500 words on the bus replacement service and train. More tonight. Then I will have a 35,000 word first draft that has more holes in it than a Tottenham's defence earlier today. It will need a lot of work, but I do feel good to have the first draft down.

Run. I am going for a run tomorrow late afternoon. I am right on the Menai Straights here and there's apparently a coastal path. I am doing a race in Wigan in 20 days. A very challenging mudbath of a 10K race. I did it last year in 60.20:00. This year I reckon I can do it in under 50.00:00 because I've been doing a lot more hills - and mud - recently.

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