Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I did an event in Wakefield today. In a school.

I was there because a lad called Charlie had written to me saying he liked my books. So I dropped in on my way down to London, where I am now. Charlie is a Leeds fan. He'd been to the Arsenal game at the weekend.

I also met a lad called Matthew.

I was telling the kids about the book I'm writing about footballers in WW1. He was really interested and produced loads of his war books that he keeps at school, plus a picture of his great Grandad who was a desert rat. One of his books is a photo book about WW1. Just the kind of book I was looking for myself.

And he leant me it. How kind is that?

So here I am in a London hotel leafing through it. And it's great.

Thanks Matthew.

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